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Grandis Mk VI by Chronicle-King Grandis Mk VI by Chronicle-King
Name: Grandis
Real Name: Martin W. Mollohan
Title: House Master
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6'00"
Weight: 794.3 lbs
-Has the same basic power set that Grandis has, in addition to all the moves that Magnus has.
Tier: Overdeity
Super Evolves From: Magnus/Grandis Mk V
Universe: Ultimoria (Project Zauridon Era)

Due to a recent breakup between Martin and Ashton, things had not went well for Martin's stability, to the point it resulted in the early destruction of Magnus, and re-extinction of the human race. As a result of Magnus's rampage of grief, not only was everything that mattered to the God Lands mean nothing in the aftermath, but all of Ultimoria as it was known was destroyed, and the survivors of Ultimoria's destruction had fled to the Zauridon Realm, from which the new era of the story takes place. Grandis is now the ONLY Ultimorian Deity still left alive, aside from a remnant of Dragora's in the form of Dragora the Voided. Apparently Voided helped to restore Grandis, with the only difference between Mk VI and Mk II being size; Grandis Mk VI is about the size of Magnus.

In terms of what happens now that Grandis is back in his frozen throne? Well, that remains to be seen... Rumors that the other Ultimorian Deities have survived have been reported as early as Ultimoria's destruction, but it appears that they are forever in hiding now that Grandis has shown to be a truly unpredictable tyrant that they can't even reason with anymore, especially now that the only being who had restrained Grandis's powers at all had now left his life altogether, so approaching Grandis anymore was only to be done under extreme situations, as Gaia Snowfield had returned yet again, signalling to everyone that Grandis is to be left alone as a result. The days of Grandis Mk I's angst had returned, and with it returned the much more brutal side of Grandis...

Design Notes:
-My girlfriend called me today about an hour ago precisely to break up with me... That is what resulted in me uploading this picture.
-Due to recent ideas scattering across my mind as to how I'm going to make Project Zauridon and what it's going to be like, this version of Grandis will replace Grandis Mk II in the Zauridon roster. Especially since Grandis Mk II now is more associated with MegaloGrandis, who in turn is not associated with Project Zauridon.
Itachiman3 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
i'd not let the rage get to you, it cuts deep, but it'll lift, eventually, heart goes out to ye man.
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August 29, 2014
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