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So in hindsight, my Gen I and II Pokemon teams from my first two Nuzlocke seasons appearing in seasons based off of Gen III and later isn't as far fetched as I would've initially known. THIS is going to be some exciting news to tell a friend of mine I know in my neighborhood!
Never try drawing comic pages or drawings of any kind as long as the sun is shining through the window. I need to get this issue addressed since this obscures my vision too easily for early mornings of the day regardless of the time of the year.
Paypal Stamp by artist4comI ACCEPT POINTS COMMISSIONS by fordonia

So now that I'm willing to put more effort into my artwork as of late, I'm now officially willing to start taking commissions. HOWEVER, read my rules properly, as I have a few conditions that need to be met for me to draw whatever it is you ask of me.

Edit: Payment via points is now possible.


Gift Slots (For those I regularly do artwork for):
1: :icontknrkrgaim: (Mostly consists of Title Cards for his reviews)
2: :iconvaporeon249: (I do gifts for her on many occasions so yeah)
3: :iconpoweraction: (I do gifts for him on the occasion, but mostly because he was so kind towards my redesign of his own character)

*I work best with drawing non-humanoid characters/creatures. Humanoid creatures may take longer for me to draw if you request those.
*Backgrounds are not often my thing, but I am willing to do them if you pay the proper fee.
*I take payments BEFORE your commission is started. Once I receive your payment, I will begin working on your commission immediately.
*First come first serve for commissions; whoever orders first gets their pic down first.
*I take a maximum of 3 commissions at a time for the current time.
*I WILL draw Yaoi/Yuri if you place the order, but I will NOT draw any fetishes such as vore, bondage, tickling, or anything like that.
*Commissions of any kind will NOT have my usual watermark on them. Be it my former DA watermark, or my misspelled signature that my more recent artwork have.
*My commissions have no set schedule as to how quickly I'll get them done. I apologize if this makes you nervous, but I tend to suffer artists block a lot.
*For all commissions, Note me first so that I can approve them or decline them depending on if I'm capable of accepting a commission at the current time.
*As for gift artwork, if you are in one of the slots for receiving gifts from me, then you will have the choice of asking what you want for your artwork. For KKD Silver, he gets Title Cards for his reviews since I'm effectively doing a bit of a trade with him; I make him title cards in exchange for him reviewing some of my own fanfics and work later down the road. It's that simple.
*Paying by points is MUCH cheaper than paying by PayPal with these commissions.

So, with that said, I have a few price ranges and examples to showcase what I'm capable of.

Edit: All commissions will include shading, so the extra prices for shading is no longer added into the commission price.

$2: Chibi Commissions. +$0.50 for additional character(s). (20 points)
Grandis (Neo Ultimorian Canon) by Chronicle-King

$5: Non-Humanoid/Animal Character. (75 points)
Yuta (The Blue Tri) by Chronicle-King

$6: Humanoid/Human Character. (100 points)
Plio Kenson (Solo) by Chronicle-King

$5: Character Compilation Picture. Initial price is $5 with a minimum of three characters to include in the picture. If you want simply two, the price is $3, or if you want more than three characters, then it's about $0.75 added to the price for each additional character. (100 points + 10 per character)
Off to hell with ye~ by Chronicle-King

$12: Character(s) with Background. At least one character is needed. $1 for additional characters. (150 points + 20 per additional character)
The Puppet Master by Chronicle-King

$13: Four panel comic page. $2 for each additional character if you go above four characters. $4 for additional pages for the comic if you want a series of comics by any chance. (200 points regardless of additional character, 40 points for additional pages)
The Blue Tri Pilot Page 1 by Chronicle-King

$15: Poster. 13 characters can be used for the poster by default. $2 for additional characters. (500 points + 50 points per additional character)
The Blue Tri Cover (Final) by Chronicle-King
Grandis (Neo Ultimorian Canon) by Chronicle-King
Grandis (Neo Ultimorian Canon)
TBA on the info summary here, but this is the same Grandis from Bomberman Classic and also the same who'll appear in The Blue Tri at a much later date.
Gresho (2015 Design) by Chronicle-King
Gresho (2015 Design)
So Gresho is changed a bit in his revamped design. For one he's no longer a Dinosaur, but instead a Newt, specifically a Fire bellied newt. The gist is that Gresho went from a direct counterpart of Klonoa who had his own special ring, to being a character with a different battlestyle altogether for heavier contrast. Gresho's new abilities involves both fire and water magic, since it better suits his outfit design for him to be a Mage or Warlock type of character. Particularly Warlock since Gresho is still a villain... except there's a twist to why he's a villain this time. The same usual ideal of him being influenced by a scale of balance between Good and Evil he has access to telling him whether everything is balanced or not, or if either Good or Evil is too out of balance. When Good is in imbalance, Gresho acts like a villain in the story, but whenever the scale is not imbalanced, or if the scale is imbalanced towards evil, he stops his acts altogether, especially in situations with the latter instance. Again, there is a twist regarding Gresho's character, and it more or less relates to this fanfic by Rowan Rook called Let Him Sleep, which the theory the author has in mind for the oneshot is the basis for the overall story of "Balance of Order", which is my own Klonoa fanfic with a similar concept in mind, although it's more fleshed out into a full, complete game type of story that you'd expect from the two core Klonoa games.

Basically, the full summary I have in mind is the following spoken by Gresho:

"Is it all just a dream? Is everything we desire the most in our lives, all for nothing, for they do not exist? How does it feel to know you're the only one of us who is real? How do we know if you yourself are even real? Listen well, Klonoa... You may have outdone the system of how you enter these worlds... But it was only a matter of time until you inevitably came into direct confrontation with my own, differing ideals! Tell me, Klonoa... Are you ready for the challenge of your life?!"

So in hindsight, my Gen I and II Pokemon teams from my first two Nuzlocke seasons appearing in seasons based off of Gen III and later isn't as far fetched as I would've initially known. THIS is going to be some exciting news to tell a friend of mine I know in my neighborhood!


Chronicle-King's Profile Picture
Marty Mollohan
United States
Six years... Six... Long... Hellish years...

It's been SOOO long since I first joined DeviantArt. More than a quarter of my life on here, and I felt like I haven't made much of an improvement from since I first began here on May 23rd of 2009. Hell, even with my current art practices and my usage of Gimp slowly increasing, I'm still nowhere near the level of my long time idol, :iconkaijusamurai:, and I highly doubt I ever will be anywhere near the godhood he stands at, or, at least, the godhood I view him as being at.

Indeed, many other famous deviants had entered my life since the beginning, and now that my favorites go on for nearly 1,000 pages and more, I feel as if everybody else around me had accomplished everything, whereas I had accomplished nothing. Why do I feel that way? Regardless of the kind of improvements I make with my current artwork, everyone seems to take more notice of my older works that I did back in the 2009 and 2010 days, but people need to understand... those days for me are over. I ain't going to look back.

A wise man once said "Keep moving forward", and when I say a wise man, I mean a VERY wise man indeed. Ever since my reveal of The Blue Tri's existence, a concept I had in mind since as early as the early 2000s but never got to fully realize into just about anything until December of 2014, I feel like I've finally managed to put my time and effort into something that I truly believe is worthy of working on, since I had waited far too long for this comic to be finally realized.

I first started to test with my Nuzlocke Comic series, which was surprisingly good according to many of my watchers and onlookers. I start my first non-Nuzlocke fan comic called Digimon Classic about several months later, and I finally learn to admit my own failures, even if I didn't initially show it at the time. :iconh-box:, you had every reason to say I behaved like a jackass with how I initially responded to you when I first began uploading Digimon Classic, and I have to sincerely thank you for your current, single comment of praise you had given me when I started the fan comic Bomberman Classic, and I really feel honored to see someone who had criticized in a way that broke my spirits give me the small amount of praise I asked for from the beginning.

Digimon Classic, a colossal failure with how I decided to start it off, was my intention of making a long lasting comic.
Bomberman Classic, a comic I barely even had much motivation to work on and did it solely on boredom, was one comic I actually considered canning until you made that all worthwhile comment on the latest page.

I have learned many things over the six years on DeviantArt, and of the many things I have learned... Times change... Times can certainly change... For the better... Or for the worse... Whichever happens is only up for you to decide, and it's up to you to ensure the future you desire becomes a reality.

Current Residence: Ohio, United States.
Favourite genre of music: Video Game, Orchestral, Overal Epicness.
Favourite artist: :iconkaijusamurai: has sure really ascended to even further godhood over the years hasn't he?
Favourite style of art: Anime in some cases, though I do prefer 3D Modeling given how complex that stuff is to work with.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: My PSP, which is pretty much currently it's only major use other than for Final Fantasy I and II's 20th Anniversary remakes.
Shell of choice: Bowser's big shell if anything, either that or whatever tech Blastoise has hiding in it's shell.
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever fits the mood.
Favorite animal: Bears in general
Favorite live action character: Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim.
Favorite cartoon character: Mordecai from Regular Show.
Favorite anime character: Inuyasha from, well, Inuyasha.
Favorite video game character: Emboar from Pokemon.
Favorite live action villain: Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Favorite cartoon villain: Beast Wars Megatron from Transformers: Beast Wars. Yesssssss...
Favorite anime villain: Frieza from Dragonball Z.
Favorite video game villain: Bowser from Mario. He always has this natural charm as a villain or playable character that it deems it impossible for me to find any other favorite villain for this category.
Favorite cartoon shipping: Jerlita. I know for a fact Jeremie and Aelita were the ones to make me into the hopeless romantic I am now.
Favorite anime shipping: It's a complete tie between the Canon Sorata, or the fan preferred Taiora. Both have their ups and downs in the fanart I see that I can't possibly chose one over the other.
Favorite Video Game Ship: Ikki and Erika of Medabots. What, you didn't know Medabots was a game franchise to begin with? Then get lost before I Ultrashot yo ass onto the freakin streets.
Favorite Quote: "My name is Reggie. I'm about kickin' ass, I'm about takin' names, and we're about makin' games."
Favorite summoning enchant: EVERY summon from Bayonetta ever. EVER. The pain that follows never gets old. Never.
YouTube Channel:…

List of Usernames:
-Bowser-The-King (DeviantArt from 5/23/2009 until 1/8/2015)
-MightyFan217 (YouTube)
-Chronicle-King ( AND DeviantArt as of 1/8/2015)
-Shiramu-Kuromu (Wikia)
-Marty W. Mollohan (Facebook)
-{ΩαΔ}[ZTV]MightyFan217 (Steam)
-Shiramu (WoW Main on Wyrmrest Accord)

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