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Now to question if Cube Eagle is even worthy of being one of Marty's forms... Or if this is still Gen VI related and thus I can stick to GabuTyra.

Edit: In all seriousness, now that we've got a few important details translated, I can definitely say that this is NOT Gen VII related. Why? Magiana's a Mythical Pokemon. How many new generations revealed a Mythical Pokemon as the first new Pokemon of that gen?
Spirit Defender Power Rangers [Flat Colors] by Chronicle-King
Spirit Defender Power Rangers [Flat Colors]
Spirit Defender Red:
Name: Marcus Aquila
Position: Leader
Ethnicity: Japanese
Primary Weapon: Eagle Talons, Garuda Wings
Zord: Eagle I Spirizord

"Quietly observing the other four Rangers long before making himself known, he is the leader of the group due to having been the one to bring the others together after determining their worthiness as rangers. Before this, he is already doing his job as a Power Ranger even without the aid of a full fledged team right away. His boots are armed with talons as his main attack when morphed is a fierce kick he learned from a "Dragon Knight", and his Garuda Wings are energy wings projected from his back which can either shield himself in flames, or send a flurry of molten shells at his opponents."

Spirit Defender Pink:
Name: Rose Juliet
Position: Secondary leader
Ethnicity: European
Primary Weapon: Lepus Gatling (Right), Lepus Bomb (Right), Lepus Pod (Back), Lepus Skids (Legs)
Zord: Rabbit II Spirizord

"Hailing from an unknown universe, she is interrupted on her trip towards this universe's Earth by General Tyrael. She seems to be deliberately oblivious of how a specific set of serious situations can be. She awakens the Rabbit II Spirizord with her mere arrival alone, as something implies that the Rabbit II Spirizord has known her before this. Her weaponry is unorthodox when compared to a normal Ranger, since her weaponry is designed very much akin to a Battlizer in terms of raw power alone."

Spirit Defender Blue:
Name: Max Leo
Position: Stealth/Assassin
Ethnicity: Australian
Primary Weapon: Panther Blades
Zord: Panther III Spirizord

"While embarrassed that his particular Spirizord is female, Max doesn't otherwise see a problem with chilling with the other guys; except Marcus, that is. He awakens the Panther III Spirizord when his own desire to avenge his fallen brother awakens against the Kaijin who committed the act in the first place. The Panther Blades are dual-weapons are twin-bladed daggers which allows Spirit Defender Blue to move at an accelerated rate at a proper charge. His weapons are also capable of freezing opponents cold."

Spirit Defender Yellow:
Name: Cody Dilus
Position: Knight
Ethnicity: African-American
Primary Weapon: AlliSaber
Zord: Gator IV Spirizord

"Due to having the middle name of "Chip", it is heavily implied that Cody is a descendant of Charlie Thorn of the Mystic Force Power Rangers. The Knight-like powers Cody has when morphed cannot be a coincidence if this is true. He awakens the Gator IV Spirizord without realizing it when fighting Drillarmy with his newly acquired Spirit Defender Yellow arsenal. His AlliSaber is akin to a Greatsword in nature with how it's wielded, but can also unleash Seismic Quakes when energy is charged into it."

Spirit Defender Green:
Name: Danny Ferre
Position: Archaeologist
Ethnicity: Russian-American
Primary Weapon: Ursa Brawler
Zord: Kodiak V Spirizord

"Having been exiled to Alaska and spending his life with a domesticated Kodiak bear for a good while, and even having raised his own family as well, the threats that Kaijin present to his family leave no haste in him seeking out the Kodiak V Spirizord. His fighting style doesn't seem to involve any noticeable weapon; just his bare fists and melee capabilities. He is the oldest of the rangers, and also the tallest and heaviest of the entire group. His strength in combat often comes from his own strength associated with his size and stature as well."
#005 General Adamante [Sketch] by Chronicle-King
#005 General Adamante [Sketch]
Spirit Defenders Kaijin #005: General Adamante
Special Ability: Extreme durability against individual Spirizords (initially).
Weaknesses: Can't withstand blows from the Spirit Defender Megazord, and the core becomes vulnerable to Spirit Defender Red's Eagle I Spirizord after being weakened enough.
Category: Humanoid Type.
Primary Opponent: Spirit Defender Red.

"Molten slag and rock given life seems to heavily indicate that perhaps the Kaijin appearing are of an unholy origin. Having repeatedly been "killed" by the Eagle I Spirizord, it wasn't until the first formation of the Spirit Defender Megazord that ultimately leads to her demise."

Design Notes:

-The first battle with General Adamante involves the individual Spirizords minus Eagle I. The second involves the Spirit Defender Megazord, and then involves Eagle I separating from the Megazord combo and finishing her off for the second battle.
#004 General Tyrael [Sketch] by Chronicle-King
#004 General Tyrael [Sketch]
Spirit Defenders Kaijin #004: General Tyrael
Special Ability: Dragoon Cannon and Tiger Blade, flight/gliding, extreme agility, ability to survive in vacuum.
Weaknesses: Heavier damaging attacks will easily demolish him when given the chance.
Category: Humanoid Type.
Primary Opponent: Spirit Defender Pink.

"The fusion of four ancient celestial lifeforms, there is more to General Tyrael that is not initially made known. Initially found on a satellite when trying to blockade Spirit Defender Pink's arrival to Earth, General Tyrael was accompanied by heavily upgraded foot-soldier class Kaijin, and it is believed that General Tyrael only survived the fight at hand because of what his actual power turns out to later be..."

Design Notes:

-General Tyrael is one of the first five Kaijin in Power Rangers: Spirit Defenders. Notably, though, he is also the only one of these five to return later on.

-Overall design is a reference to either Omegamon or Chaosmon depending on who you deem the most similar to this design.

-General Tyrael, in terms of power, authority, overall design, and even his own introduction, is intended as an expy of Rakansen.
#003 Drillarmy [Sketch] by Chronicle-King
#003 Drillarmy [Sketch]
Spirit Defenders Kaijin #003: Drillarmy
Special Ability: Jet-engine jump, seismic quake, burn projectile bomb, "last resort secret weapon".
Weaknesses: Electrical surges.
Category: Beast Type.
Primary Opponent: Spirit Defender Yellow.

"Stolen from "another dimension" and upgraded, this particular Kaijin has no memories of his past life and now exists solely to destroy and serve his master. Thinking he could outsmart the Gator IV Spirizord, Drillarmy was not prepared for the sequence break that the Gator Spiral finisher proved to be against himself."

Design Notes:

-Is a homage to Army Dillo of Donkey Kong 64. The "last resort secret weapon" is pretty much the exact same, powerful homing missile that Army Dillo's second fight uses in the final phase.

Now to question if Cube Eagle is even worthy of being one of Marty's forms... Or if this is still Gen VI related and thus I can stick to GabuTyra.

Edit: In all seriousness, now that we've got a few important details translated, I can definitely say that this is NOT Gen VII related. Why? Magiana's a Mythical Pokemon. How many new generations revealed a Mythical Pokemon as the first new Pokemon of that gen?


Marty Mollohan
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Six years... Six... Long... Hellish years...

It's been SOOO long since I first joined DeviantArt. More than a quarter of my life on here, and I felt like I haven't made much of an improvement from since I first began here on May 23rd of 2009. Hell, even with my current art practices and my usage of Gimp slowly increasing, I'm still nowhere near the level of my long time idol, :iconkaijusamurai:, and I highly doubt I ever will be anywhere near the godhood he stands at, or, at least, the godhood I view him as being at.

Indeed, many other famous deviants had entered my life since the beginning, and now that my favorites go on for nearly 1,000 pages and more, I feel as if everybody else around me had accomplished everything, whereas I had accomplished nothing. Why do I feel that way? Regardless of the kind of improvements I make with my current artwork, everyone seems to take more notice of my older works that I did back in the 2009 and 2010 days, but people need to understand... those days for me are over. I ain't going to look back.

A wise man once said "Keep moving forward", and when I say a wise man, I mean a VERY wise man indeed. Ever since my reveal of The Blue Tri's existence, a concept I had in mind since as early as the early 2000s but never got to fully realize into just about anything until December of 2014, I feel like I've finally managed to put my time and effort into something that I truly believe is worthy of working on, since I had waited far too long for this comic to be finally realized.

I first started to test with my Nuzlocke Comic series, which was surprisingly good according to many of my watchers and onlookers. I start my first non-Nuzlocke fan comic called Digimon Classic about several months later, and I finally learn to admit my own failures, even if I didn't initially show it at the time. :iconh-box:, you had every reason to say I behaved like a jackass with how I initially responded to you when I first began uploading Digimon Classic, and I have to sincerely thank you for your current, single comment of praise you had given me when I started the fan comic Bomberman Classic, and I really feel honored to see someone who had criticized in a way that broke my spirits give me the small amount of praise I asked for from the beginning.

Digimon Classic, a colossal failure with how I decided to start it off, was my intention of making a long lasting comic.
Bomberman Classic, a comic I barely even had much motivation to work on and did it solely on boredom, was one comic I actually considered canning until you made that all worthwhile comment on the latest page.

I have learned many things over the six years on DeviantArt, and of the many things I have learned... Times change... Times can certainly change... For the better... Or for the worse... Whichever happens is only up for you to decide, and it's up to you to ensure the future you desire becomes a reality.

Current Residence: Ohio, United States.
Favorite genre of music: Video Game, Orchestral, Overal Epicness.
Favorite artist: :iconkaijusamurai: has sure really ascended to even further godhood over the years hasn't he?
Next best favorite artist: :iconkosperry: I ask this; WHY AREN'T YOU A FULL TIME ANIMATOR WITH THAT INSANE SKILL?!?! YOUR WORK IS GLORIOUS!!
Favorite style of art: Anime in some cases, though I do prefer 3D Modeling given how complex that stuff is to work with.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: My PSP, which is pretty much currently it's only major use other than for Final Fantasy I and II's 20th Anniversary remakes.
Shell of choice: Bowser's big shell if anything, either that or whatever tech Blastoise has hiding in it's shell.
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever fits the mood.
Favorite animal: Bears in general
Favorite live action character: Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim.
Favorite cartoon character: Mordecai from Regular Show.
Favorite anime character: Kazuma/King Kazma from Summer Wars.
Favorite video game character: Emboar from Pokemon.
Favorite live action villain: Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Favorite cartoon villain: Beast Wars Megatron from Transformers: Beast Wars. Yesssssss...
Favorite anime villain: Freeza from Dragonball Z. FREEZA FREEZA FREEZA FREEZA~!!
Favorite video game villain: Bowser from Mario. He always has this natural charm as a villain or playable character that it deems it impossible for me to find any other favorite villain for this category.
Favorite cartoon shipping: Jerlita. I know for a fact Jeremie and Aelita were the ones to make me into the hopeless romantic I am now.
Favorite anime shipping: It's a complete tie between the Canon Sorato, or the fan preferred Taiora. Both have their ups and downs in the fanart I see that I can't possibly chose one over the other.
Favorite Video Game Ship: Ikki and Erika of Medabots. What, you didn't know Medabots was a game franchise to begin with? Then get lost before I Ultrashot yo ass onto the freakin streets.
Favorite Quote: "My name is Reggie. I'm about kickin' ass, I'm about takin' names, and we're about makin' games."
Favorite summoning enchant: EVERY summon from Bayonetta ever. EVER. The pain that follows never gets old. Never.
YouTube Channel:…

List of Usernames:
-Bowser-The-King (DeviantArt from 5/23/2009 until 1/8/2015)
-MightyFan217 (YouTube)
-Chronicle-King ( AND DeviantArt as of 1/8/2015)
-Shiramu-Kuromu (Wikia)
-Marty W. Mollohan (Facebook)
-{ΩαΔ}[ZTV]MightyFan217 (Steam)
-dragora.galaxia plus Chronicle-King (MightyFan217) as the current display name (Skype)
-Shiramu (WoW Main on Wyrmrest Accord)
-Chronicler7 (Mabinogi Main, Mari Server)
-Marty (My name as to go along with my 3DS Friend Code: 3695-0507-9451)

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