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EVE Phase 5 (Model: SIRIUS) (NUC) by Chronicle-King
EVE Phase 5 (Model: SIRIUS) (NUC)
Name: EVE (Phase 5/Model: SIRIUS)
Species: Unidentified. Silicon. Reptilian. Renegade. (U.S.R.R.)
Motif: Ultimorian Deity, Frieza, Zeke.
Target: Dragora Galaxia

To court Death itself is to court the Aspect of Space; the Ultimorian Deity known as Dragora Galaxia. One being had attempted to forcefully evolve herself into higher grade forms in order to meet those expectations, but it ultimately caused her to become a target for the Ultimorian Deities to destroy in their GR0 Era Incarnations. However, come the Neo Ultimorian Canon, two unwitting robotic beings gather the "Three Spears of Aesir", summon forth Aesir's presence as his "Dogma" Form and wish EVE back to life with the intent of using her for experimentation, and possibly to have her become their ultimate weapon. Aesir, unable to deny a wish of this sort, brings EVE back to life... but she's in her lowest powered form as a result. However, during the experimentation, she's given numerous upgrades to her own abilities that cause her to dramatically sky rocket in power, to the point her maximum potential rivals that of an Ultimorian Deity.

Quickly being put to the test by the arrival of Grandis and Ultima to shut down the experiments, EVE is unleashed against both of them, and EVE wastes no time in Hyper Evolving into her believed final form; Phase 4. As the battle draws out, some odd behavior begins to be exhibited by EVE... This is not the purely evil EVE that is known today, and not only that, but attacks that cause direct damage begin to have less and less of an effect on her as the battle goes on. By the time EVE decides she needs more power, she Hyper Evolves into her newly crafted Phase 5 Form, and... proceeds to sing an ominous song, which not only paralyzes Grandis and Ultima... but summons forth Dragora Galaxia directly before her. Dragora Galaxia did not get forced into showing up; he came on his own will because of the singing that EVE was producing was attracting his attention, but for what actual purpose, none of the Ultimorian Deities understand. At the end of this, after a judgment from Grandis and Ultima regarding the nature of what she's become, she is promoted to Ultimorian Deity status and joins the ranks of the Neo Ultimorian Deities.

Design Notes:

-She possesses a Trinity Scarf. Normally, an Ultimorian Deity would have these by default if they have been around for at least 3 Eras worth of time; EVE has been around for 4 Eras total thus far, the GR0 Era, the God Lands Era, the Malevolent Era, and the Neo Ultimorian Canon Era. Note that just because an Ultimorian may not have such an aspect visible in their designs (Grandis, Dragora Galaxia, Ultima, etc.), they can still qualify for having the scarf as part of their designs. Alternate methods for acquiring a Trinity Scarf also exist, but they are very rarely known.

-EVE's design as Phase 5 is modeled after Frieza and Zeke, from DBZ and Zoids respectively. Her head design comes from an earlier RP character I had made, with ironically the same name as each other, and then her fierce mask is from when EVE is still in control of the ones who had revived her in the first place.

-Needless to say, EVE is absolutely livid as to how her true final form is a humanoid without very many Draconid details to her, considering what her prior forms had looked like.

-Second only to KeraKing, EVE comes the closest to killing off Omnicron for good; just that Omnicron 900M took her by legitimate surprise since 900M, this time around, assimilated some of her own tech and used it against her. KeraKing, who deals insane damage by ignoring any defensive related abilities of a target, is also the opposite of EVE Phase 5's abilities; EVE can tank direct attacks like no tomorrow, to the point even when Omnicron transformed to 900M, it was completely baffled as to why it couldn't harm her with direct attacks, to the point Omnicron was suffering a mental overload because Omnicron, by this point in the battle, had absolutely nothing to hit EVE with and thus pulled a rage quit against her by retreating with his Core Unit and detonating his prior body.

-In case anybody is curious as to where she gets her invulnerability powers from, remember my old Digimon fan design named Arclimon? She more or less absorbed whatever remained of Arclimon's own data once that particular part of Ultimoria was purged for good. Not only that, but this particular form is pretty much nicknamed "NeoDraglimon" based off of Arclimon and Dragoramon's fused offspring based form.
Regulus (Truth and Ideals) by Chronicle-King
Regulus (Truth and Ideals)
Edit: In hindsight, I regret now drawing the Key Stone necklace Regulus initially has in Truth and Ideals, considering that until a certain event later on, Regulus is the one wearing a Key Stone for him to be able to Mega Evolve.

Edit: Title updated to reflect the fact Regulus has made his early appearance in Truth and Ideals.

Just a little pic I did for both seeing if I can manage to draw Lucario better than I used to, and also because I've recently figured out what moveset to go with for my competitive Lucario. In case you're wondering on the nickname, it's the same as the title; Regulus. Also I figured I'd try putting the band that holds Regulus's Mega Stone on his leg rather than his arm like how it was portrayed in the anime, mainly because the band seen here is more akin to leather which doesn't hinder Regulus's own agility at all.

I also drew this since I've been trying to see about getting Brawl Minus onto my Wii to see how it'll compare to Project M. I say this mainly because I'm HUGELY impressed by what you can pull off with Lucario's Ultra Taunt in Brawl Minus: instant access to maximum charged aura based attacks via manually inflicting 300% damage to yourself. Even then, though, I'm kind of curious what kind of broken monstrosity you'd have if you to were to combine Lucario's Brawl Minus moveset with his Project M moveset. More or less, though, that's pretty much Regulus in a nutshell; lore-wise he has abilities based off of both variations of Lucario from both Smash Bros. game mods.

As for Regulus's name origin, I had initially decided to name him after Regulus from Bomberman 64, but then naming this Lucario after the STAR known as Regulus made more sense in all honesty. You'll see what I mean later.

Design Notes for Truth and Ideals:

-Regulus was not originally intended to appear as early as he did, as he was originally supposed to appear after the main story was wrapped up. I decided against it, though, considering how major of a player that Regulus is in the long run of things.

-Regulus' appearance in the story pretty much demonstrates one of the ways in which Truth and Ideals has a darker tone than a typical Pokemon story would normally go; by having Regulus display traits of a flat out Anti-Hero type of character, but also a very self-confident Pokemon who knows quite a lot about what he is doing, and also how he views Ash becoming a bit point for Regulus' development, since Regulus had went to seek out Ash as a means to see if he's his father's son; the person Regulus had finally encountered was nothing like what he had hoped to be, especially considering Regulus spent 16 years not knowing Ash even existed by this point.

-Regulus' name in comparison to the star of the same name presents how insanely brightly lit certain attacks that Regulus uses are when compared to the same attack as used by another Pokemon; Regulus is the brightest star in the Leo Constellation (referred to as Pyroar Constellation in the actual story, though).
Bio-Bytes Review: Four years before Skylanders would hit the market, this failure shows up first:

Hello guys, another review of mine since I'm having a bit of difficult setting some things up regarding updating Truth and Ideals as of the last few days. This time for something different, though.

So basically you guys are all familiar with Skylanders, yes? TKNRKRGaim has said many things about why he hates Skylanders, but let me assure you, that series at least has professional work and handling behind it when compared to Bio-Bytes, an electronic handheld game which had water tank cartridges for various animals in which you could take into battle against other enhanced animals. Considering one of the things I intend to use my New 3DS XL for is the Amiibo Figures for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, I figured I'd need to review this type of game to properly prepare for making my judgment regarding that.

Right off the bat, when you buy the handheld unit itself, you'll notice it comes in two varieties, which is a Land or Sea based unit. The animals bundled with both are the Tyrannosaurus rex and the Great White Shark, respectively. Four other animals with an even split between Land and Sea also exist, which are Velociraptor, Tiger, Crocodile, and Orca respectively. However, right when you boot the game up with any of these six, you'll soon learn that there are six other animals which never got figures of their own at all; Triceratops, Gorilla, Grizzly Bear, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Shark, and Octopus.

So, when you first begin, you're given four options plus a credits list for the game to view. The first option demonstrates how the handheld is capable of causing the animal figures within the cartridge tank to move on their own, which is also what they do whenever they use attacks. However, this feature is just a demonstration more than anything, and is not even necessary in hindsight.

Next up is Quick Battle, where you can choose to battle any of the 12 animals programmed into the game for a 1V1 battle, for both practice and experience. In the game, when you battle, you earn experience which will allow you to level-up and upgrade six total abilities that an animal has up to 3 times each, meaning a total of 18 level-ups are needed to maximize every stat/ability. These abilities are the three different basic attacks, which in turn expands the HP of the body part in question, and then a special skill which can deal damage based on all three active health bars, and then lastly the ability to increase the effects of blocking and evasion.

However, of those abilities, only the three basic attacks matter in the long run when it comes to upgrades; even at maximum upgrade for special attack, blocking, and evasion, you'll notice that upgrading these three abilities hardly make a difference in the long run, but a successful block or evasion early into the battle is still vital regardless. Blocking an attack, if you fully block an incoming attack, will earn you a 2x damage multiplier for your next attack. Fully evading an attack, meanwhile, will restore some HP in addition to both blocking and evading nullifying damage if used properly. Special attacks, after use, cause your animal to go through fatigue, which makes them unable to properly attack for a while. Not only that, but with how little damage they actually do regardless of upgrade, it's not worth it in the end.

As for the "story", there is no true story other than 8 tournaments you have to challenge with your creature to progress to the final boss of the game, which is at the very end of the 8th tournament. In each tournament, so long as you don't exit the battle entirely, you can continue from the opponent who had defeated you last should you lose. If you exit the battle entirely as to turn off the system, it'll cause you to have to start from the beginning of that particular tournament; successfully clearing a tournament entirely will mean you won't have to worry about that one anymore. Each tournament has a different "theme" which causes you to face various, select types of animals in each tournament, before facing all 12 of them in addition to the final boss in the 8th tournament.

After you clear the 8th tournament, you'll unlock a bonus 9th tournament which has no special effects if you clear it, but in regards to clearing the 8th tournament, you'll unlock the final boss as an opponent in which you can freely battle in the Quick Battle mode.

That all said and done, now there's the problems with the toy to begin with; the figures themselves have very little novelty other than being used for Bio-Bytes's game system, as they're somewhat rather poorly made. Not only that, but Bio-Bytes requires the use of batteries to allow the system to run, and the system itself is very heavy and a tad too large at times. Not only that, but while there is an option to turn off the sound in the game entirely, there is not a single capability the system has in regards to giving the monitor a back light of sorts, which means the game can only be played in the light and not in a dark room.

So, what all do I have to say about Bio-Bytes other than that? It's more or less a guilty pleasure of mine that even after all of these years... well... ever since I cleared the campaign with one of the five cartridges I have, I'm not going to try and clear it again with any others because the battle system is beyond repetitive, to the point the game should naturally become boring very quickly at that, especially considering there is zero innovation put into the game to make each of the animals present feel unique in a way.

My final score for the game will have to be an F, and that's primarily because anything and everything this game attempted to do is more or less outclassed by Skylanders in this particular regard. In fact, the only actual reason I never looked into getting Skylanders? Bio-Bytes simply left that bad of a taste in my mind that I didn't believe Skylanders would even remotely succeed when it was first announced and soon to be released... but boy was I wrong in hindsight, wasn't I?
Bio-Bytes (2007) Review
Hey guys, just wanted to post this little review of an old electronic game I've had many, many years ago and still own today, that I just felt like deserved the attention in regards to just how bad it is... and how Skylanders manages to use the exact same concept and actually make it work in the end. This one is for you, :icontknrkrgaim:, for needing me to reassure you that Skylanders is by no means the worst thing that's come from the type of idea it uses for the gameplay.

Individual Scores:

Gameplay: F. All of the animal cartridges pretty much are the exact same character in regards to fighting abilities. Even the aquatic animal cartridges are exactly the same as the land animal carts. Not only that, but the idea of having three separate HP bars during a battle for both sides sounds good on paper, but relies on just absolute luck to get through a battle when you take into account the AI's usage of blocks and dodges. Not only that, but once you've played a single battle, you've pretty much played all of what this game has to offer all at once.

Replay: F. Once you beat the 8th Tournament, there's the 9th tournament to complete which is not even that harder of a challenge compared to the 8th tournament; the 8th tournament has all of the animals in the game + the final boss, whereas the 9th tournament features a random selection of a handful of the animals + the final boss at the very end. That's it. Nothing else at the very end of this is unlocked, although you do get to immediately face the final boss at any time in Quick Battle.

Difficulty: F. The game can often be difficult, or can be easy. Either way, however, the entire game is far too tedious and repetitive to bother trying to complete the entire game in a single sitting.

Graphics: D+. The individual animals are animated in rather complex animations for the battles on the screen itself better than the moving figure in the water filled cart. However, my biggest problem is that the colors are just black and white, and that the screen has no back light, and thus playing in the dark is impossible.

Audio: F. Music is not all that interesting save for the menu music... mainly because aside from that, all of the other audio effects are from battles and virtually no music anywhere else in the game.
Cobaldramon (Re-Upload Reference) by Chronicle-King
Cobaldramon (Re-Upload Reference)
(Re-uploaded to give :iconneoarchangemon: a clearer reference picture. Original upload date: July 11th, 2013.)

Name: Cobaldramon (コバルドラモン)
Title: Cobalt Eclipse/The Eternal Hydra of the Moon
Level: Super Ultimate/Ultra
Type: Light Dragon/Prism Dragon
Attribute: Virus
Element: Light
Family: Dragon's Roar, Dark Area
Evolves From: N/A
Evolves To: Overload Cobaldramon (100%+ Power Output Required)
A: Cobalt Surge (Increases Power Output the more damage that Cobaldramon deals)
B: Armory Tide (Reduces damage taken in the next three rounds by 75%)
C: Lunar Typhoon (Deals maximum base damage at the cost of 10% of the damage dealt being taken from Cobaldramon's own HP)
Special Attack: Overload Crash (At 100%+ Power Output, Cobaldramon will Mode Change into Overload Cobaldramon and negate damage done by Anti-Dramon effects until Power Output reaches 0%. If the opponent fails to be eliminated upon hitting 0% Power Output, Cobaldramon will lose the match. Damage done in this evolution mode is increased by 75% with a Defensive buff of 90%.)

The Eternal Hydra of the Moon. Only legend details about this particular Digimon, and it's name and roar are things to fear even among the strongest of Digimon. Cobaldramon's immense energy output is so unstable that it can cause circuitry overloads in the real world as it constantly attempts to breach from the Digital World and escape into the real world. On one famous night, an entire landscape was practically leveled entirely as the sky lit up into explosions as an intense fight between the Greymon Family Digimon and Cobaldramon occurred; this was the closest Cobaldramon ever got to breaching into the real world, and it didn't even get very far despite the immense damage it caused in it's attempt to do so.

Legends also detail of an extremely dangerous incarnation of Cobaldramon which is so immensely powerful that it's body was on the verge of complete collapse due to the immense level of power and heat it was generating at the time. Only the Ancient Digimon had ever had to deal with this, and now that the fabled Ten Legendary Warriors are nothing more than spirits now, many begin to fear of Cobaldramon's true motive is to re-acquire it's massive amount of raw energy that it had lost because of the Ten Legendary Warriors fighting off against Cobaldramon to prevent the destruction of both the digital world and the real world. If Cobaldramon were to ever truly regain this legendary power, and the Ten Legendary Warriors are nowhere to be seen, complete disaster will occur in both worlds alike until both are more than likely destroyed.

A little known fact, but it's middle jaw structure is artificial in nature; they're power limiters on Cobaldramon since without them, Cobaldramon's bite alone could easily cause a system crash due to how insanely powerful Cobaldramon's biting power is. As a result of the middle jaw being present, it gives the impression that Cobaldramon actually has two mouths rather than one. Not only that, but Cobaldramon's Light Element usage offers some unorthodox methods of using it compared to other Light Elemental Digimon. Notably, each head of Cobaldramon has a different type of breath weapon that starts off light beams taking the form of a various element determined by the coloration of each head's eyes and general motif; the left head creates Ice, the right Thunder, and middle Fire. Despite this, the attacks themselves are mostly Light Element attacks that have the effects of the other three elements in question.
N's Zoroark Human Form (Truth and Ideals) by Chronicle-King
N's Zoroark Human Form (Truth and Ideals)
"Surprised, anyone?"

So as of recent planning of Truth and Ideals, I've decided to add N's Zoroark as a major recurring character in addition to N himself already being this. Why? Because out of all of N's own Pokemon, Zoroark is the most commonly seen Pokemon he's known to have (even though he's only used it in the last battle against him in B/W, but is still shown to have it in B2/W2 via overworld scenes). In other words, out of all of N's roster, Zoroark is the most consistent of the Pokemon that he owns in both B/W and B2/W2. As a result, I felt like giving Zoroark an expanded role to go along with how Zoroark's portrayed in B2/W2 as sometimes doing things away from N during the post-game's beginning.

As a result, Chapter 6 of Truth and Ideals has two colorations for Zoroark, but you'll notice something off here; Zoroark can not only disguise himself as a human, but he can also speak human languages as well. The backstory pretty much explains that factor on it's own, but as for the coloration, it still relates to Illusion (even if Illusion works quite differently in this AU). Basically, when first seen in his human form, he has the coloration of a Zoroark, but once he introduces himself to Ash, Cheren, and Bianca, he takes on a white and gold coloration for his wardrobe (which was already present in his mask to begin with).

Basically Chapter 6 in addition to Chapter 7 both are "filler" so to speak, but only considered such due to the fact the two chapters are an introduction to N's Zoroark, who for some apparent reason is in self-imposed exile. I wonder why that's the case? ;)

Design Notes:

-When I came up with the concept for the human form's looks, I was inspired by Yo-Kai Watch's Kyubi's human form... but I failed to realize something at the time. When I first heard of Kyubi, I thought he was a cuter, quadruped Kitsune, but when I actually saw a pic of him for the first time, he's a frickin badass humanoid in his true form, and thus many of the inspirations I got from Kyubi actually came from his true form instead of his actual human form (which looked too young and cutesy for Zoroark's personality).

-Zoroark's depiction in Truth and Ideals is much more akin to an actual Kitsune to a degree, in which Zoroark can easily transform into various forms and even is capable of learning the abilities of said form, if only being capable of using those abilities in that particular form at best. For instance, Chapter 6's end sets up that Zoroark will fight Bianca's Lillipup as a Tranquill identical to Ash's own (which is Shiny), and Zoroark's Illusion, in Truth and Ideals, works a lot like Transform/Imposter solely because Ditto will more than likely never directly appear in the story. It's a bit of a liberty I'm going with since Anime Zoroark are shown to be capable of doing some seriously badass stuff with Illusion.

-The pose for Zoroark's human form artwork is based off of one of Dio's sprites from an old Jojo's Bizarre Adventure game. In fact, his human voice sounds a lot like Dio as well.

-Despite Zoroark knowing how to speak English (among other languages), he is prefers to not speak in Pokemon form, especially his true form, unless he absolutely has to.

On February 27th, 2016, my body SHALL be ready!!!!!

Pokemon Red, Blue, AND Yellow on Virtual Console for the 3DS!!!!!


Marty Mollohan
United States
Six years... Six... Long... Hellish years...

It's been SOOO long since I first joined DeviantArt. More than a quarter of my life on here, and I felt like I haven't made much of an improvement from since I first began here on May 23rd of 2009. Hell, even with my current art practices and my usage of Gimp slowly increasing, I'm still nowhere near the level of my long time idol, :iconkaijusamurai:, and I highly doubt I ever will be anywhere near the godhood he stands at, or, at least, the godhood I view him as being at.

Indeed, many other famous deviants had entered my life since the beginning, and now that my favorites go on for nearly 1,000 pages and more, I feel as if everybody else around me had accomplished everything, whereas I had accomplished nothing. Why do I feel that way? Regardless of the kind of improvements I make with my current artwork, everyone seems to take more notice of my older works that I did back in the 2009 and 2010 days, but people need to understand... those days for me are over. I ain't going to look back.

A wise man once said "Keep moving forward", and when I say a wise man, I mean a VERY wise man indeed. Ever since my reveal of The Blue Tri's existence, a concept I had in mind since as early as the early 2000s but never got to fully realize into just about anything until December of 2014, I feel like I've finally managed to put my time and effort into something that I truly believe is worthy of working on, since I had waited far too long for this comic to be finally realized.

I first started to test with my Nuzlocke Comic series, which was surprisingly good according to many of my watchers and onlookers. I start my first non-Nuzlocke fan comic called Digimon Classic about several months later, and I finally learn to admit my own failures, even if I didn't initially show it at the time. :iconh-box:, you had every reason to say I behaved like a jackass with how I initially responded to you when I first began uploading Digimon Classic, and I have to sincerely thank you for your current, single comment of praise you had given me when I started the fan comic Bomberman Classic, and I really feel honored to see someone who had criticized in a way that broke my spirits give me the small amount of praise I asked for from the beginning.

Digimon Classic, a colossal failure with how I decided to start it off, was my intention of making a long lasting comic.
Bomberman Classic, a comic I barely even had much motivation to work on and did it solely on boredom, was one comic I actually considered canning until you made that all worthwhile comment on the latest page.

I have learned many things over the six years on DeviantArt, and of the many things I have learned... Times change... Times can certainly change... For the better... Or for the worse... Whichever happens is only up for you to decide, and it's up to you to ensure the future you desire becomes a reality.

Current Residence: Ohio, United States.
Favourite genre of music: Video Game, Orchestral, Overal Epicness.
Favourite artist: :iconkaijusamurai: has sure really ascended to even further godhood over the years hasn't he?
Favourite style of art: Anime in some cases, though I do prefer 3D Modeling given how complex that stuff is to work with.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: My PSP, which is pretty much currently it's only major use other than for Final Fantasy I and II's 20th Anniversary remakes.
Shell of choice: Bowser's big shell if anything, either that or whatever tech Blastoise has hiding in it's shell.
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever fits the mood.
Favorite animal: Bears in general
Favorite live action character: Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim.
Favorite cartoon character: Mordecai from Regular Show.
Favorite anime character: Kazuma/King Kazma from Summer Wars.
Favorite video game character: Emboar from Pokemon.
Favorite live action villain: Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Favorite cartoon villain: Beast Wars Megatron from Transformers: Beast Wars. Yesssssss...
Favorite anime villain: Frieza from Dragonball Z.
Favorite video game villain: Bowser from Mario. He always has this natural charm as a villain or playable character that it deems it impossible for me to find any other favorite villain for this category.
Favorite cartoon shipping: Jerlita. I know for a fact Jeremie and Aelita were the ones to make me into the hopeless romantic I am now.
Favorite anime shipping: It's a complete tie between the Canon Sorata, or the fan preferred Taiora. Both have their ups and downs in the fanart I see that I can't possibly chose one over the other.
Favorite Video Game Ship: Ikki and Erika of Medabots. What, you didn't know Medabots was a game franchise to begin with? Then get lost before I Ultrashot yo ass onto the freakin streets.
Favorite Quote: "My name is Reggie. I'm about kickin' ass, I'm about takin' names, and we're about makin' games."
Favorite summoning enchant: EVERY summon from Bayonetta ever. EVER. The pain that follows never gets old. Never.
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